PROTOMAX Screen Protector with PROEYE Anti Blue Light filter technology for 19 " (inch), LED & LCD Monitor in 16:9 format, compatible with all Brands (1 x) UK

PROTOMAX computer screen Protector utilizing PROEYE Anti Blue mild narrow engineering for 19
Brand : PROTOMAX Product : computer screen Protectors UK

PROTOMAX computer screen Protector utilizing PROEYE Anti Blue mild narrow engineering for 19

PROTOMAX computer screen Protector PROEYE UK

  • SCREEN PROTECTIVE FILM 19 INCH: 19 " (23.7 cm x 42.1 cm) Blue-light filter protective film with PROTOMAX PROEYE technology - the ideal transparent display protection for TFT, LCD, LED, OLED screens of all manufacturers in the format 16:9. Also suitable as protective film for laptop or notebook screens. PROTOMAX is a leading producer of protective films of the newest generation, with revolutionary blue-light filter for active support of the biorhythm, pleasant night rest and eye protection.
  • BLUE LIGHT FILTER PROEYE: The layer structure of PROTOMAX protective films had another surface integrated that was vaporised with nano particles to result in a grid structure that leaves through only wavelengths above the harmful blue light (starting at 420 nm). The filtered light is perceived as white by people, meaning that one will perceive barely a difference from the colour quality of the real blue value. Blue stays blue - without yellowing.
  • NO YELLOWING. The blue light filter technology PROEYE by PROTOMAX makes sure that your screen will not yellow: Blue stays blue!. You will barely see any colour difference at all! This is particularly important for photorealistic applications such as graphics programs, video editing or when enjoying computer games. Common blue light filters as free software programs require high processing power, produce a lot of yellowing but are great as additional eye protection.
  • LIFE-LONG WARRANTY: PROTOMAX grants a voluntary guarantee for damage of the protective film in spite of correct installation. If tears or discolouration occurs from normal use of the display protective film, PROTOMAX will replace the respective display protective film free of charge. For more information about this life-long guarantee of this blue-light filter protective film, see the website of manufacturer PROTOMAX.
  • INSTALLATION TIP (ENGLISH MANUAL INCLUDED): Ensure a dust-free environment. If you apply the film to the screen while there is still any dust on it, blisters may form! The dust will then stick to the silicone coating of the screen protective film. Do not scrape off the dust with your fingernail or a similar tool - this may destroy the adhesive coating irreparably. Instead, carefully "shower off" the adhesive side with lukewarm water.

PROTOMAX blue-light narrow protective film for 19 inch LED & LCD screens, 19" (inch), harmonious utilizing all manufacturers (also impression screen) in the format 16:9

Protect your screens and your eyes from harmful blue mild rays. It doesn't topic if your computer screen is made by Samsung, Asus, HP, Dell or any diverse other manufacturer. Only the computer screen diagonal and a side ratio of 16:9 is relevant. Select your computer screen size above.

The computer screen diagonals in detail:

19 inch: 23.7 cm x 42.1 cm
20 inch: 24.9 cm x 44.3 cm
21 inch: 26.2 cm x 46.5 cm
21.5 inch: for 4k Apple iMac Monitor (not in 16:9 format)
22 inch: 27.4 cm x 48.8 cm
23 inch: 28.6 cm x 51.1 cm
24 inch: 29.9 cm x 53.1 cm
25 inch: 31.1 cm x 56.6 cm

The PROTOMAX showcase protection utilizing PROEYE anti-blue-light engineering for your computer computer screen offers you not only scratch protection and self-healing, but also state-of-the-art production engineering of the most up-to-date generation. The impression computer screen sensitivity of your computer screen is not influenced.

The benefits of the protective film:

  • Life-long PROTOMAX guarantee
  • Nano technology
  • Ultra 4K HD Ready
  • Scratch protection
  • Impact-resilient
  • Anti UV-light
  • Water-repellent
  • Electrostatic absorption
  • No rainbow effect
  • No blister formation
  • 100 % suitable fit
  • The blue-light narrow is visible utilizing the device switched off and at a precise angle & mild application. It will then shimmer in a futuristic blue. This effect does not apply in artificial lighting (office, etc.).

    You only have your eyesight once. If you want to counter eye exhaustion & fatigue as perfectly as problems utilizing your hormonal balance, the blue-light narrow is the right decision. It also helps to to have a healthy sleep.

    Have you seen the PROTOMAX blue-light filters for transportable phones?

     PROTOMAX computer screen Protector utilizing PROEYE anti Blue mild narrow engineering for 19 inch LED LCD Monitor in 169 format harmonious utilizing all Brands computer screen Protectors
    Inch: 23.7 Cm X 42.1 Cm
    20 Inch: 24.9 Cm X 44.3 Cm
    21 Inch: 26.2 Cm X 46.5 Cm
    21.5 Inch: For 4k Apple IMac Monitor (not In 16:9 Format)
    22 Inch: 27.4 Cm X 48.8 Cm
    23 Inch: 28.6 Cm X 51.1 Cm
    24 Inch: 29.9 Cm X 53.1 Cm
    25 Inch: 31.1 Cm X 56.6 Cm

    The PROTOMAX showcase Protection utilizing PROEYE Anti-blue-light engineering For Your Computer computer screen offers you Not Only Scratch Protection And Self-healing, But Also State-of-the-art Production
     PROTOMAX computer screen Protector utilizing PROEYE anti Blue mild narrow engineering for 19 inch LED LCD Monitor in 169 format harmonious utilizing all Brands computer screen Protectors
    engineering Of The most up-to-date Generation. The impression computer screen Sensitivity Of Your computer screen Is Not Influenced.

    The Benefits Of The Protective Film:

  • Life-long PROTOMAX Guarantee
  • Nano Technology
  • Ultra 4K HD Ready
  • Scratch Protection
  • Impact-resilient
  • Anti UV-light
  • Water-repellent
  • Electrostatic Absorption
  • No Rainbow Effect
  • No Blister Formation
  • 100 % suitable Fit
  • The
     PROTOMAX computer screen Protector utilizing PROEYE anti Blue mild narrow engineering for 19 inch LED LCD Monitor in 169 format harmonious utilizing all Brands computer screen Protectors
    Blue-light narrow Is Visible utilizing The Device Switched Off And at A precise Angle & mild Application. It Will Then Shimmer In A Futuristic Blue. This Effect Does Not Apply In Artificial Lighting (office, Etc.).

    You Only Have Your Eyesight Once. If You Want To Counter Eye Exhaustion & Fatigue As perfectly As Problems utilizing Your Hormonal Balance, The Blue-light narrow Is The Right Decision. It Also helps to To Have A Healthy Sleep.

    Have You Seen The PROTOMAX Blue-light Filters For transportable Phones?

     PROTOMAX computer screen Protector utilizing PROEYE anti Blue mild narrow engineering for 19 inch LED LCD Monitor in 169 format harmonious utilizing all Brands computer screen Protectors

    ►PROTOMAX computer screen Protector utilizing PROEYE Anti Blue mild narrow engineering for 19 " (inch), LED & LCD Monitor in 16:9 format, harmonious utilizing all Brands (1 x) UK

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    Which PC monitor to choose

    When using a computer, in addition to having the vitality needed for the activity that we are going to perform, it is not the great to use one computer screen or another. And is that the working experience of use is marked by the type of PC monitor used.

    Video games, video editing, home office automation... What is the great screen?

    As you know, in the advertise there is a total offer of screens. There are panoramic, ultra panoramic, max HD resolution, UHD, 4K... And all this not having counting the different involved technologies, such as the use of panels type TN, IPS, etc.

    With so much offer is normal not to recognize which option would be even more attractive. So, to continue being away from opting for the first of all one you see or the one that most says you would be interested in, let's talk a little about all this of what is the great PC monitor for you?

    The first of all thing I would similar to you to do is something I did in his day. I do not guarantee that you can later accomplish your great screen, but at least you will recognize what your goal is for a future change. Start by listing what use you come up with of your computer.

    Now that you have your uses and are sorted by importance let's talk about formats, resolutions, innovations and diverse other aspects to consider.

    Aspect Ratio

    The aspect ratio is nothing even more than the panel format. Typical are widescreen or 16:9 aspect ratio displays. A type that suits nicely utilizing most of the media material that is produced. That is why it has become the standard for televisions and also on computers.

    Years ago, a few, monitors were type 4:3 (more squares) but utilizing the advent of flat screens began to use diverse other aspect ratios. For a while some of those of 16:10 were somewhat recurrent but little by little they were giving method to some of those of 16:9.

    They were not much in demand and the manufacturers did not find it profitable to manufacture such panels. The reason was that at the time of observing most video clips you could see stripes in the upper and lower area that were not at all attractive. also so, for many tasks the 16:10 screens bring advantages by having a higher vertical resolution.

    But nowadays not only exists that panoramic format, lately the ultra panoramic displays are becoming popular. utilizing a 21:9 aspect ratio the main advantage, in addition to watching movies, is that we have a larger horizontal desk. That allows you to enjoy the advantages of a multi-monitor configuration not having having that sometimes annoying split that we have when using two screens.

    Resolution, from max HD to 4K real

    No need to have to tell you anything about the different resolutions that exist for the current screens. also so I will do a fast review to have them perfectly located, especially to see the ones available according to the aspect ratio.

    Panoramic or 16:9 screens usually offer the following resolutions:

    1920 x 1080
    2560 x 1440
    3840 x 2160

    In diverse other options that do not become ultra panoramic we can find resolutions of 1920 x 1200 or 4096 x 2160. In ultrapanoramic, some of those of format 21:9, the usual resolutions are:

    2560 x 1080
    3440 x 1440

    A priori, one wil think that the even more resolution the better. It is partly true but, as you will see later, it is not always the most appropriate option. Now let's move forward.

    A topic of size

    If the resolution is an important factor the computer screen size too. Firstly because it conditions the observing distance and secondly because a max HD 24" panel is not the same as a 32" panel. The larger the size, the even more pixels you will see. Something that is not pleasant if you want to see a detailed impression and not some of those huge jagged edges.

    That is why measuring perfectly is key. If you are going to sit at a distance of less than one meter you have to seem for a computer screen size that you find comfortable. Avoiding forcing bad postures or continual movements to see the existing workspace. Also, dependent on on the size, you also have to take on into account the resolution.

    Panel technologies

    And we go utilizing one of the most controversial points. In computer screen themes IPS panels are the ones that offer the great impression excellent as a rule. equally because of observing angles and contrast, color reproduction and brightness functionality is significantly better than TN type panels.

    Even so, they are not always suitable for what uses. TN panels due to significantly better response times and refresh rates are positioned as a superb option for players. In these screens and thanks to the combined use of diverse other technologies, it is feasible to accomplish a higher functionality when playing in a hard method the most up-to-date titles.

    Screens according to uses

    Given the topic of resolution, aspect ratio and size is time to address different cases. There may be precise cases that do not touch, but I think the vast majority will behold them, so you can see which computer screen would be most appropriate according to your uses.

    If you are a programmer, higher resolution screens will be the most fascinating option. You can view even more code and open an array of apps at once to take on advantage of multitasking. 1440p or ultra panoramic panels are superb choices. Another alternate would be to come up with use of two screens 1080p, being able to place one in vertical mode.

    If you dedicate on your own to editing video or seem ultra-widescreen displays are the superb choice. Being able to view such an extensive timeline saves time. In addition to having out there toolboxes, etc. They are also useful for some of those who come up with use of several applications at the same time. You may be writing a text while you have a web browsing information.

    UHD or 4K screens also rival ultra-video editing. If you are already producing in ultra significant definition it is very useful to be able to visualize the final result on a UHD screen. also if you give good results at 1080p being able to watch the video not having having to zoom while editing is also an advantage. The problem is that you need to have a robust graphics, able to manage such amount of pixels as perfectly as applications and diverse other tasks that it performs.

    If your main use are video games then here my recommendation is clear:1080p panels and TN technology. They are even more attractive due to their shorter response time and they are usually the ones that offer the strongest refresh rate, reaching up to 144Hz. If we improve manage for innovations similar to Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync then white and in bottle.

    Of course, if you opt for panels of 27" or higher utilizing 1080p resolution or as is the circumstance utilizing some 32" utilizing 1440p resolution come up with sure you participate in at an optimal distance if you do not want the pixel size to penalize the experience.

    If you have a slightly even more robust PC at the graphics level, the 1440p resolution screens are also very attractive. We will have a greater place of element in games and we will have to participate in utilizing adjustments at significant or ultra place not having penalizing the number of frames per second. For hard players I think the 2560 × 1440 resolution is the great right now.